Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Fusion Logics offer dedicated server hosting & cloud hosting solutions to small, medium and corporate clients in PAKISTAN. Fusion Logics web hosting services allows anywhere, anytime, any device access. Our network and hardware is specially designed for cloud services.

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Cloud Services

Cloud has emerged as the solution for fast application deployment, cheap and flexible private infrastructure replacement as well as for providing salable services over the internet. Cloud computing is considered as the evolution of a variety of technologies that have come together to change an organizations’ approach for building their IT infrastructure.
As Pakistan’s leading IT company, Fusion Logics is proud to announce Cloud Services for our partners and users. Fusion Logics Cloud offers a wide range of flexible features and advantages for business as well as for end users. What you will get from Fusion Logics Cloud service is more secure, scale-able and most reliable Cloud Based Solutions from Basic to Business Critical Applications, backed up with the most advanced and sophisticated security infrastructure with maximum security and disaster recovery capabilities and other cost effective web hosting solutions.
Fusion Logics cloud provides all three cloud services IAAS, SAAS, and PAAS with data centers distributed all over the world and backed by the latest IT technologies and infrastructure.

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